Connecticut MagazineBack a few years ago, Renee was contact by Yale University student Nikita Lalwani. At the time, Nikita requested a series of telephone and in-person interviews with her for a story she was writing as a class assignment.

“I’ve gotten some strange interview requests over the years, but Nikita’s status as a Yale student offered credibility – so I decided to do the initial interview,” explained Renee.

“Over a period of time, we spoke by phone and corresponded by email on multiple occasions,” she continued. “She interviewed both of my parents and even trekked up from New Haven to see the racecars and visit the race shop. Eventually she submitted the paper and, since that time, we’ve kept in touch.”

Recently, Renee was surprised to hear from Nikita – who is now employed by and writing for the Wall Street Journal. Nikita shared with Renee that her original story would be published by Connecticut Magazine.

As it turns out, an expanded version of the story is now available online on Connecticut Magazine’s website; with a condensed version appearing in print in the magazine’s February issue. The print version is available for download by clicking here.

“This is a pretty complex sport to grasp – especially for someone who has absolutely zero exposure. So, I think Nikita did a really great job with the story.”