How fast do you go?


We don’t have speedometers in the cars, just tachometers. However, at New Hampshire – currently the largest oval on which I’ve competed – our average speed is over 130 miles per hour. And, that’s with a restrictor plate.

Are you the only girl?

Typically, yes. While there are other women competing in many other divisions – I don’t currently, nor have I ever, competed regularly against another female. The exception is at Wall Stadium Speedway (NJ), where I compete against one other female.

Where do you race?

I compete with touring divisions. Which means we don’t race at the same track all the time. Our schedule has been based primarily on the east coast – running as far north as New Hampshire and as far south as North Carolina and as far west as Tennessee. Our season runs from late March through mid-October.

Have you ever crashed?


Yes. This is a contact sport and wrecking is just part of the deal. As evidence of such, check out our photo gallery.

Have you ever been injured?


Yes. Over the years I’ve had several broken bones (just hands and feet – I think). One SK accident, in particular, resulted in a several surgeries.


Do you actually work on your car?

Yes. I am involved and knowledgeable in just about every aspect of working on my cars. I regularly take care of both maintenance work and repairs. I turn wrenches, I fabricate and I’m involved in set-up work.


So you know a lot about cars?


No. I know a lot about my car. But, that doesn’t mean I know a lot about cars in general. Modifieds are really unique – and hardly resemble anything on the road today. At the same token – just because someone is a mechanic – it doesn’t mean they’ll automatically know much about my car.

Is racing your full-time job?

No. I work full-time for the International Brotherhood of Boilermakers Northeast Area Apprenticeship Program. To supplement that income, on weekends, I work as a professional driver and facilitator on various ‘ride and drive’ programs. I also design websites. I work hard so I can pay for my racing – among other things, like paying the mortgage. This is an extremely expensive sport and I compete against extremely wealthy people.

Can you get me tickets to a race?

I get asked this question a lot, but the answer is no. As a race team we do not receive any complimentary tickets or passes to any races. In fact, every single member of the team (owner, driver, crew, etc.) pays to get into every race. I know that sounds odd, but that’s how NASCAR operates…

What are your hobbies?

Away from the track, I enjoy horseback riding – I’m currently working under a dressage trainer with my mom’s Hanoverian gelding; and I enjoy going to the gym.