In late April, 2019 Renee participated in an Unmuffled podcast with RaceDayCT’s Shawn Courchesne.

Renee conducted the interview on the 20th anniversary (April 24, 1999) of her history tour-type Modified win at the now defunct Riverside Park Speedway (Agawam, MA).

While they reminisced about her win, the highlight of their discussion was the current status of women in racing, in comparison to what Renee experienced in her decades making her way in the sport.

During the podcast they also discussed Renee’s absence from on-track activity (attributed in part to the purchase of a horse boarding farm) and what she and husband, Ed Bennett (who is now the Managing Partner of the Tri-Track Open Modified Series), have been up to over the last few years. And their intent to eventually get back on track.

“It kills me when I go to a race and watch. I want to be out there. It’s hard to be a spectator when you think  you can be out there and still be competitive,” explained Renee.

The Podcast – Episode 52 – is available on RaceDayCT’s PATREON account (subscription required content). Renee’s 15-minute interview starts at the 26:50 mark.