Jason (Crew Chief) attempts to block Carol's (Spotter) goal shot.

On Thursday, April 1 the No. 90 team gathered in South Windsor (CT) for a friendly game of WhirlyBall.

For the uninitiated, WhirlyBall combines elements of lacrosse and jai-alai – while each player maneuvers their own bumper car (WhirlyBugs). With a scoop-styled racquet in hand, players follow rules from basketball and hockey to score goals at either end of the 4,000 square foot arena.

“It was actually my mom’s idea,” Renee recently explained. “She thought it would be a fun way for the team to spend some time together blowing off some steam before the start of the season. And, mission accomplished, I think we all had a blast.”

“Now, with the fun and games behind us – so to speak – we’re totally focused on the season opener at Thompson this weekend. This is the first time in several years that we’ll be running the entire Tour schedule and we’re looking to start off the year on a positive note,” she continued.

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