Today Molyslip released their official announcement of their sponsorship of Whelen Modified Tour driver Renee Dupuis.

As previously documented, the relationship uniquely developed through the social networking site Twitter.

Since the original Twitter banter, the partnership has come along nicely. The team is now full integrating Molyslip’s product line into their preparation and maintenance work. And, Molyslip President Stephen Joyce is even planning on attending the upcoming NASCAR WMT event at Lime Rock Park (Lakeville, CT).

“We’re excited Stephen is making the long trek from Toronto (ON, Canada) to take in a race with us. It will be great to introduce him to the world of Modifieds,” explained Renee. “While he’s here, I hope he has the opportunity to speak with some of the other teams in attendance. He has a great product line and we’re trying to help him spread the word.”