“I’ve been racing for many years and – during that time – I’ve developed sponsorship relationships through several different avenues, offered Renee.” However, recently an old friend –  Charli Brown – shared a Twitter post with me that eventually developed into a product sponsorship deal for our team. It’s like social-networking sponsorship – that’s a first!”

Regardless of how the relationship materialized, the No. 90 Whelen Modified Tour team is pleased to announce Molyslip as their newest supporter. For over 40 years, Molyslip has offered a line of superior lubricating products for the automotive, industrial, marine, home and recreational markets.

In the high performance/extreme stress Whelen Modified Tour environment in which Renee competes, Molyslip promises to deliver increased performance and durability. All while helping to keep her equipment running longer, smoother, and at lower operating costs.

No stranger to the Modified world, Finish Line Racing School’s Mike Loescher has been a long-time believer in Molyslip, offering: “We not only achieve superior performance but I know we have saved on maintenance and longevity.

Like Mike, the No. 90 team intends on utilizing many of the products from Molyslip’s line. The team will focus on the Engine and Gear Oil Supplements; Anti-Seize Compound; Penetrating/Lubricating Oil; High Temp Bearing Grease; and Multi Purpose Grease with Molybdenum. In the meantime, team engine builder – Performance Engines – will be provided with Assembly Compound; Break-In and Engine Oil Supplement.

Furthermore, the team’s Freightliner tow vehicle requires the same reliability as their racecars and, as a result, it too will benefit from the Moylslip treatment with their Diesel Fuel Conditioner.

“With ten of our next 12 events being televised, we’re excited to be able to provide Molyslip with some national publicity and brand recognition.”

For more information, please visit Molyslip’s website.